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Ten times you looked my way...

Ten glances you gave my way...
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Ten glances writing challenge comm.!
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Welcome to 10_glances!
10_glances is a themed community for fanfiction writers or fan artists. This community, like all the others, is also inspired by 30_kisses, 10_snuggles and the like!

The Idea:

You must incorporate a ‘glance’ within each piece of fanfiction or fanart as well as hint at/mention/base it around the THEMES provided.

> First you must stake your claim at the REQUEST POST Make sure to include the full name of the fandom, what type it is (eg. book/movie/anime etc.) and the full names of the characters in your pairing.

> You can only start posting when your claim has been added to the CLAIMS LIST.
>You don’t have to complete the themes in any particular order.

> There is NO time limit on the challenge.

> However, if you have not made at least one post by the PURGE DATE nearest to you, then your claim will be cancelled and put up for grabs again!

> If you are nearing a purge date and require an extension, then please and let me know so I won’t cancel your claim.

Posting Formats:
> Subject lines on your entries should be as thus: Fandom – Pairing – Theme #

Eg. Twilight – Edward Cullen x Isabella Swan – # 1

> Entries into the community should have a header as thus:

Title: (if you have one for the fanfic/fanart)
Author/Artist: (your LJ / Deviantart / chosen name, please)
Rating: (anything of an ‘R’ rating or higher MUST also be marked on the LJ CUT)
Fandom: (full name)
Pairing: (full names of both)
Disclaimer: (one every time, unless you’re using your own original characters/posting your own artwork, in which case use a claimer)

Use this:

> Also, TAG your entries with the fandom, pairing, and the theme

Eg. twilight, edward cullen x bella swan, #1

> When you’re DONE with/want to DROP a claim go here.

Other stuff you need to know:

akkas_journal - Creator and Bannermaker


These are the communities/LJs our fair Mods also run/own:

> akka_writes - Akka's writing LJ
> 10_snuggles - Akka’s other writing claims comm., similar to this one!
> pettyfer_stills // twiwomen_stills // somerhalder_ic - Akka's icontest communities! :D

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